Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Turkish Tea

Last weekend I was feeling the need for copious amounts of caffeine, so I broke out the Turkish double-boiler teapot (çaydanlık) and the Turkish black tea that a friend had sent me from Turkey and made a big pot of dark, strong, steaming hot Turkish tea.  
Although it's not rocket science, it's a more complicated process than just throwing some hot water over a teabag.  First you have to measure the tea and rinse it in a sieve, then measure the water for both pots, bring the water to a boil, add the tea and water to the top pot, and steam it for 20 minutes.  The result is an incredibly strong brew that you dilute with the boiling water from the larger pot.  
Milk is not used in this tea, only sugar cubes.  This tea has a brisk (slightly bitter) bite that stands up to sugar. After two cups, I was jittery for the entire day, although I didn't regret it until it was time to go to bed! 
I had enough leftover "tea concentrate" that I saved it in the refrigerator and I've been using it to make tea the last two days.  Today I actually pulled out my beautiful Russian tea glass so I could drink it in style. (I do have Turkish tea glasses, but they are put away somewhere.)

Before I forget, I want to give props to this Russian lady living in Turkey for her entertaining and useful blog:

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  1. I forgot to mention that both the Turkish tea and the double boiler kettles were gifts from a friend, and the Russian tea glass was a gift from another friend! I love my friends!